Views from the Borderland

Online forum #2 April 9 -17, 2015.

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   Lorian's programs in Incarnational Spirituality are like a breath of fresh air. I have learned to engage my whole self-heart, mind, body, soul and personality-in creative partnership with the world as it is. I find an intimate space of generativity opening within me that supports my relationships and passion for my work in integral ecology. Thank you David and the loving Lorian faculty!" —AA, WA

   There is something basically useful about all of this. The class offered a framework that was structured in a safe way with a demonstration of a path for connection that works." —KL, UK

   The class gave me reassurance that I am moving in the right direction because it helped me feel more of myself. The tools offered strengthened my own inner knowing." —EJ, UK, France

   We have been–and still are–in a time of alarms and noises, posturings and persuasions, tumult and tempest. To be of service in the world today, we must stand in a place of calm steadiness. In the midst of the storm, we must take time to look beyond to the mountains and the stars, the ancestors and the descendents and just appreciate the vastness of the world and of time and cosmos in which we live. Whatever happens tomorrow, the sun will rise, clouds will form, rain will fall, creatures will be born and die, and life goes on. We will love and create, our inner power undimmed, our spirit as Sacred as ever." —David Spangler
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Lorian’s Educational Overview

The Lorian Center for Incarnational Spirituality offers classes exploring the cosmology and practice of Incarnational Spirituality.

Incarnational Spirituality is about unfolding the sacredness within the individual and the world.  It is a spiritual worldview that honors incarnation and the physical realm while recognizing the existence of non-physical dimensions and the possibilities of collaboration and transformation that they represent.  It offers a partnership cosmology that supports practical skills to bring blessing into one’s life and environment.  You can explore that cosmology and its toolkit of skills in our classes and programs.

Core Incarnational Classes offered by the Lorian Center for Incarnational Spirituality include Journey Into Fire, Working with Subtle Energies, Collaborating with Subtle Worlds, Subtle Activism, ManifestationCollaboration with the Sidhe and Partnering with Earth. There are also Self Study Modules. These classes focus on the foundational elements and practices of Incarnational Spirituality.  Lorian Ed Catalog 2015-16

The Ordination program offered through the Lorian Center for Incarnational Spirituality is a one year program with prerequisites for those called to deeper engagement in Incarnational Spirituality.

Field Notes from the Subtle Worlds  is a one year subscription program that includes 4 View from the Borderlands journals (mailed quarterly) along with two online discussion forums, one held in the fall and one in the spring.

Associate Classes are special workshops and classes designed and taught by independent Lorian Associates furthering the understanding and application of Incarnational Spirituality  in various disciplines. For information about these programs, please see the Associates Classes section under Community or under the Calendar (where they are designated “AC”)

Find current offerings of Core and Associate programs listed in the Calendar.

Discovering Incarnational Spirituality

There are four ways of discovering and learning about Incarnational Spirituality and what it has to offer to you.

General Reading:  The Lorian Bookstore, found on the Lorian Association website, has many books, card decks, and self-study modules on Incarnational Spirituality and related topics. The Lorian Library includes many free resources and essays to read and practice. The simplest way to discover Incarnational Spirituality is to browse the material that is available and read what attracts you.

Classes and Workshops:  The second way is to take a class or workshop.  Journey into Fire and other classes listed above are presented online, but face-to-face workshops in various locations are offered from time to time as well.  Check the Calendar to find a schedule of upcoming classes, workshops and other events.

Facilitated Self-Study: The third way is to study one or more of the flexible Self-Study Modules, Thriving in a Living Universe, Embracing Earth, The New Dawn, Star-birth, and Subtle Activism.  Such classes can be studied entirely at an individual’s own pace, either individually or together as a coordinated program of individual development, integration and practice. A facilitator is available if desired to assist in the integration and understanding of the material and its specific application within the individual’s own unique life and circumstances.

Ordination: If you feel a calling to be ordained in the path of Incarnational Spirituality, you can apply to enter the Ordination program.   Ordination is a one year program of in-depth exploration and application of the principles of Incarnational Spirituality leading to an experience of the innate sacredness and priestliness within the individual.  This experience in turn is the foundation for a Lorian ordination.  The classes listed above are the prerequisites to apply for the Ordination program.  

No matter what level you choose to engage with Incarnational Spirituality, the objective of all our programs is not to promote another philosophy in the world but to give you a toolbox that you can use to build a strong, whole, integrated, and spiritually attuned incarnation, one that blesses you and blesses the world we all share.