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Oct 17 - Working with Subtle Energies

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Simply Spiritual: Painting My House with Subtle Energies

By Rue Hass   I am currently having the wonderful experience of teaching an online Incarnational Spirituality class on manifestation with one of my Lorian colleagues, Freya Secrest.    We asked people in the manifestation class to choose a project to work with in order to learn how the principles work in real life.  My Read more…

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David's Desk

By David SpanglerDavid Spangler

David’s Desk #101 Being the Pope

            Like so many Americans these past two weeks, I have been captivated watching Pope Francis visit the United States. It is not difficult to recognize a great soul at work and appreciate the sweetness of his spirit or the genuineness of his love. People of all faiths can be moved and inspired by his Read more…

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David's Desk Archives

Views from the Borderland

Online forum #1 October 10-17, 2015.

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