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by Fien Ekelschot CANCER “Mais oui on se connait bien T’as meme voulu te faire ma mere hun T’as commence par ses seins Et puis du poumon a mon pere Tu t’en souviens? Cancer, cancer, dis-moi quand c’est? Cancer, cancer, qui est le prochain? Et tu aimes les petits enfants Decidement, rien ne t’arrete toi Read more…

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David's Desk

By David SpanglerDavid Spangler

#95 – Interlude

April 2015    A number of years ago I took part in a small conference that had the encouraging title “You Were Born for Such a Time as This!” The theme of this event was focused on the potentials for creative living and success that each of us have within us. Sitting on a panel Read more…

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