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Views from the Borderland
Views from the Borderland

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Views from the Lorian Community

A New Home and New Relationships

By Ron Hays I’m very glad to announce that the Lorian Blog has moved to its new home at We’ve been eagerly anticipating this move for several months and we hope that you will check out our new neighborhood. Please take a virtual stroll through our Library, Blessing Site, and Bookstore. And you can Read more…

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David's Desk

By David SpanglerDavid Spangler


July 2014 As I sit here this morning writing this essay, a parade has just passed our house.  It’s our annual neighborhood Fourth of July parade:  no brass bands but lots of kids on lots of flag- and bunting-decorated bicycles and tricycles accompanied by smiling parents.  With our kids grown, Julie and I are now Read more…

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David's Desk Archives

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Lorian’s All New Self-Study Modules

The Subtle Worlds: Discovering Non-Physical Dimensions

This is the Self Directed Study, online class The Subtle Worlds: Discovering Non-Physical Dimensions. The content for this class is provided by David Spangler.

Subtle WorldsThe Subtle World presents a new way to think about and understand the non-physical or “subtle” realms. Too often we have either denied the existence of subtle beings, or elevated them to an undeserved status. Based on David’s years of personal experience in working with the subtle worlds, this self-study module presents tools and background information for lifting the mystery, so we can begin to understand and work in partnership with the subtle worlds on behalf of the World and its inhabitants. This self-study course is designed to explore the nature of the non-physical worlds of spirit and our relationship to them. You will have a chance to learn a simple cosmology of these inner worlds to act as a map for further exploration, discover the possibilities of contact with inner beings, receive guidelines and practices for engaging with the beings in the non-physical realms and gain a foundation for the class on Subtle Activism. Click here to find out what this module includes.

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